Analytic Services for Procurement

Procurement departments are under continual pressure to strike deals with suppliers and outsourcing providers to achieve significant savings for their organisations.  KPI ensures that the promised savings are actually delivered.

Savings claims made at the time of signing new contracts, while impressive, often prove to be illusory.  Contract negotiators move on to the next project; relationship managers may handle operational problems; but until KPI came along there was no way to be sure savings were delivered as promised.  KPI has solved this problem and pioneered methods to enable organisations to be sure that they get the financial benefits advertised at the outset of the contract. Using its proprietary modelling and statistical approaches KPI delivers reports that are respected by both client and supplier and enable its clients to obtain guaranteed savings arrangements.

To achieve this KPI works with its clients to gather, analyse and clean the data needed at all stages of the tendering process, advises on the contract and monitors subsequent transactions.  In this way KPI delivers the key independent information which both empowers procurement departments and is valued by the supplier as a route to a harmonious and long-lasting relationship.